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Notice of Series   
CSA 2018 Notice of Series

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 Introduction to 2018 Notice of Series

The mission of the Cleveland Sailing Association, (CSA) is to increase activity in sailboat racing in the Greater Cleveland Area. Member club’s regattas are combined into a separate Series for an overall competition. This gives racing teams a chance to travel to other clubs and sail in a variety of races while enjoying the hospitality and camaraderie of the Cleveland sailing community. The Governing Authority is the Cleveland Sailing Association.

The Advantages of the CSA:

  • CSA entrants are granted free dockage (Wednesday to Wednesday) at host regattas.
  • Registration discounts for CSA Boat of the Year designated events (except CYC Leukemia Cup)
  • A opportunity to participate in the Cleveland Cup – CSA’s Invitational Race.
CSA scores and awards Five series;
  • Boat of the Year (BOTY) for PRHF, JAM, and One-Design fleets
  • Women’s
  • Double - Handed
  • Junior’s
  • South Shore Cruising
BOTY (Boat of the Year)
  • The BOTY is the most prestigious and lengthy CSA series. It encourages participation in all club regattas that are designated CSA events.
  • EYC JAM Regatta
  • Chagrin Lagoons June JAM
  • Cleveland Race Week (EYC) – also scored in South Shore
  • Lakeside Regatta (LYC)
  • Leukemia Cup (CYC)
  • Princess Pat Trophy Race (FCYC) – also scored in South Shore
  • Mentor Harbor Yachting Club Regatta (MHYC)
  • Grand River Sailing Club Regatta (GRSC)
  • Women’s crews are raced with an all women crew with an optional owner representative on board that cannot participate helming or crewing the boat.
  • A Junior crew is a crew all aged 21 or under that must have owner representative that can optionally helm the boat. 
  • Double Handed races are for yachts that are crewed by 2 people. 
Women’s Junurior’s and Double-Handed Races are contested prior to the main regatta or as modified by the event sailing instructions. CSA scores these series at the following regattas.

  • Ceveland Race Week (EWYC)
  • Lakeside Regatta (LYC)
  • Princess Pat Friday Race (FCYC)
  • Leukemia Cup (CYC)


This series is designed to encourage point-to-point racing without requiring a yacht to travel long distances or to participate in races beyond their ability due to distance or weather. The South Shore Cruising series is open to any boat participating in CSA. The series includes 7 longer, point-to-point races. The seven races comprising the South Shore Cruising series are:

  • Cleveland Race Week (EYC) – Thursday and Friday, 1 each evening, also scored in BOTY series
  • Roberts Race (CYC)
  • Princess Pat Trophy Race (FCYC) - also scored in BOTY series
  • Mcarty / Gulden Cup (LYC)
  • Fallcon Cup (CYC)
  • Indigo Race (MHYC)

A single $35 registration fee allows eligibility in all CSA Series.


Notice of Series

PHRF, JAM, and One-Design fleets will be recognized for all Series. The following rules apply to all fleets:
A) Any fleet may be subdivided into classes for scoring purposes.
B) All handicap racing will be sailed using PHRF handicap system, as selected by the host Club of each Regatta.
C) A single registration includes entry to the Boat of the Year Championship (BOTY), South Shore Cruising Series, the Women’s, Jr. and Double Handed Series.
D) All fleets must have at least 4 registered yachts. If 4 yachts are not registered within each fleet, the registered yachts will be given the option of moving to an alternate fleet (PHRF, JAM, 1D) to achieve the 4-yacht minimum. However if the minimum of 4 yachts is not met, prior to the start of a series, that series, or fleet within a series will be abandoned and all fees refunded, if not participating in another series.

A) Eligible yachts shall complete a valid entry by returning the attached form to the CSA with the entry fee. Entries may be made on-line at clevelandsails.com.
B) Regatta authorities shall dictate scoring and ratings.
C) Fleet splits will be made based on the valid entries as of the first scored regatta.
D) Yachts with valid entries received prior to June 25th will be scored in all CSA Series counting races in which they participated, including retro-actively scored for races in which they participated.
E) CSA Series entries will be accepted after June 25 but will only be scored DNC in all races prior to the date of valid entry.

A) Scoring for a series shall be according to the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US Sailing, and this Notice of Race (NOR) and any amendments thereto.
B) RRS rule A2 is modified to allow discards as detailed section F, G and K of “Scoring” below.

A. One Race constitutes a series. Series dates, events and counters are attached as part of this NOS.
B. A race will be scored if one or more CSA yachts participate in a scheduled event.
C. All racing will be scored using the low point system.
D. All racing will be scored using the corrected finish times from the individual event results.
E. Boats completing valid entries after June 25 will be scored DNC for all races sailed prior to the date their valid entry was received. This modifies RRS rules A4.2 and A9.
F. For all Series, when there are multiple races on a given day in a regatta, only the first of the maximum number of races on the dates specified for each respective regatta will be counted, less total CSA Series discards. If the number of races is different between sub-fleets, the earliest for a date, minimum number of races across a division will be scored.
G. Discards are factored as follows for BOTY, Womens, Jr. and Double Handed: 16 of 23 or 24, 15 of 22, 14 of 20 or 21, 13 of 19, 12 of 17 or 18, 11 of 16, 10 of 15 or 14, 9 of 13, 8 of 12 or 11, 7 of 10 or 9 or 8. If less than 8 races are scored, there shall be no throw-outs. This modifies RRS rule A2.
H. The South Shore Cruising Series will count a yacht’s best 4 scores.
I. All CSA classes within a fleet must sail the same course and distance for a race to be scored for the overall (fleet) standings. Also, class results will be scored for CSA if all boats in that class sail the same course and distance in that race.
J. Penalty Points: DNC: # of CSA boats that Started + 3. This modifies RRS rules A4.2 & A9.

Presentation of Awards
Series award winners will be announced following the final event of the season for that series. Presentation to award winners will take place after the Cleveland Cup race.

Boat of the Year Championship Awards
There will be first, second, and third place awards for each fleet and any classes with 5 or more boats registered. Only first and second place awards will be presented for any fleet or class with only four boats registered. Awards are as follows:
PHRF Overall - Gus Austin Trophy for Cleveland Boat-of-the-Year
JAM Overall - The Cleveland Sailing Association JAM Boat of the Year
One-Design – The Cleveland Boat-of-the-Year One-Design for each 1D fleet

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