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Historical - Links
 TitleSize Description
Sail Bag Essentials14.89 KBDownloadLiz Wilbur - NCWSA - PDF - Reprint
Paint Your BottomUnknownDownloadArticle in SAIL Magazine
Why Do So Many Boats Sink in the Spring?21.62 KBDownloadBoatUS Spring Commissioning Checklist - PDF
 TitleSize Description
CSA Breakfast 2011992.45 KBDownloadLee's ppt deck
CSA Jeopardy11.02 MBDownloadPresented at CSA Breakfast 2010
Jeopardy Template992.45 KBDownloadBlank Jeopardy PowerPoint Template
Sail Race Basics17.71 MBDownloadAll the pretty sailing pictures used in presentation
Sail Race Basics6.90 MBDownloadSail Racing for Land Lubbers - ppt - Lee presentation at Cheshire Cheese Club - 2010
Sail Trim5.38 MBDownloadNorth Sails - Nick Turney - ppt
Sail Trim9.96 MBDownloadNorth Sails - Nick Turney - pdf
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