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Viva La Vida


Tim Yanda
Hail Port: EWYC
Email: timsails@roadrunner.com



Yacht Information  
Make: J Boats
Model: 120
Sail Number: 46722
PHRF Rating: 48
JAM Rating: 51
CSA Series  
BOTY: Spinnaker
South Shore: Spinnaker
Women's: Double-Handed
Double-Handed: Not Entered


Images: Click to enlarge

Tim Yanda
A little sailing to help wind the day down...
Viva La Vida - 1
Light air action
Viva La Vida - 2
Bayview One Design 2017
Viva La Vida - 3
A blast from the past - Falcon Cup action - thanks Dave Mathias
Viva La Vida - 4
OK what line am I supposed to pull this time...ok so that's how the sprit works.



About Viva La Vida:

Team Viva La Vida is looking forward to a new season!

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